Dutch history in the middle of Potsdam

The Jan Bouman House in the Holländischen Viertel (Dutch Quarter) is a typical gabled house of 1735, and thus a special jewel among Potsdam's architecture. It is the first example from a housing estate of the 18th century that can be accessed by the public, and that consists of most of the original structural material. You can experience for yourself the restored ensemble consisting of the fore part of the house facing the street, the courtyard, the half-timbered courtyard building, and the house garden in its original form.

The Holländischen Viertel was built under the direction of the Dutch architect Jan Bouman (1706 - 1776). With its building style so typical of Holland, the Prussians constructed a tangible sign demonstrating their policy of tolerance.

Jan Bouman Haus
Mittelstraße 8
14467 Potsdam
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Opening hours:
Mondays and Fridays 1pm - 6pm
Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays, 11am - 6pm