The University of Applied Sciences

Headquarters of the University of Applied Sciences. (© Christel Köster)
Headquarters of the University of Applied Sciences. (© Christel Köster)

Founded in 1991, the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (FHP) is a young institute of higher learning. Currently, 2,700 students are enrolled in 23 programmes of study supervised by 90 professors.

The spectrum of programmes of study includes civil engineering, social and cultural work, and design. These intersect at the concentrations "communications design und knowledge management," "European architectural and cultural landscape," "social and cultural development of society," and "creative economy as an economic factor."

The high level of engagement of our members, the close proximity between our instructors and students, our application-oriented activities, modern and well-equipped laboratories and workshops, a dense network of local and regional partners, and a strong orientation towards the region illustrate the strengths of the FHP.

A very important factor is the location of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. Next to the geographic proximity to Berlin, the city of Potsdam in itself, with its tradition in the humanities and cultural history, its unique architectural and cultural landscape, and its current social, cultural, and infrastructural challenges, offers a great variety of topics, questions, and problems for instruction, research, and the transfer of knowledge and technology. Potsdam definitely animates our instructors and students to approach their academic activities from a wider perspective.


Pappelallee 8-9
14469 Potsdam