Dampfmaschinenhaus - The Steam Pump House

The Steam Pump House, along the water of the Neustädter Havelbucht, is disguised within a building designed in the style of a mosque. It was built between 1841-1843 upon request of Frederick Wilhelm IV and under the direction of Ludwig Persius. Today, there remains a masterpiece of Berlin's 19th century mechanical engineering for you to marvel at: the Borsig steam engine model of 1842. It was used to pump the water from the Havel river up to the system of fountains in Sanssouci park. Inside the building a permanent exhibit provides information about the history of the building and the machine.

Breite Straße 28
14467 Potsdam
Phone: +49 (0)331 - 969 42 48

Opening hours:
May 15 through October 15: 10am - 5pm, Saturday and Sunday only
Admission prices: 2.00 Euro (1.50 Euro), with guide only