Pfaueninsel - the Peacock Island

Although the Peacock Island is not actually within the municipal area of Potsdam, it is nonetheless an integral part of Potsdam's cultural landscape. Peacock Island has an area of 76 hectares and is a delicately-landscaped ensemble of gardens and meadows created in 1793. Today, you may visit the island, which retains the main features characteristic of the period from 1816 through 1834, when it was under the care of the estate gardener Ferdinand Fintelmann.

The small palace is a half-timbered construction with wooden sheathing built in 1795 in the span of one year under Frederick Wilhelm II. It was designed to appear outwardly as a romantic ruin, as was the Gothic dairy farm at the other end of the island. Other buildings intensify this particular atmosphere for the entire complex. The island was named ‘Peacock Island' in 1795. The freely-roaming peacocks still represent a special feature today. Thanks to its continual care in the traditional fashion, the appearance of the island has been maintained in the same condition as its time of glory around 1837.

Phone: +49 (0)30 - 80 58 68 31

Peacock island (ferryboat):
November through February: 10am - 4pm
March through October: 9am - 5pm
April through September: 8am - 6pm
May through August: 8am - 8pm

Opening hours for the palace:
April through October: Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm
Admission prices (palace):
3.00 Euro (2.50 Euro), with guide only