Marmorpalais - Marble Palace

Construction on the Marble Palace started in 1787 for Frederick Wilhelm II according to the plans of Carl von Gontard. The early classical design and furnishing of the interior, however, were only completed in 1845, long after the king died in 1797. The concert hall, the adjoining anteroom, and the oriental cabinet are among the more significant interior works of Carl Gotthard Langhans, who assumed the site management after Gontard. From the second floor, one has magnificent views of the Neuen Garten, the Heiligen See (the Holy Lake), and the Havel river landscape.

Neuer Garten
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Opening hours:
April through October: Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm
November through March: Saturdays and Sundays only, 10am - 4p

Admission prices:
2.00 Euro (1.50), in summer, without guide (only on weekends)
3.00 Euro (2.50), in summer, with guide
2.00 Euro (1.50), in winter, with guide