Holländisches Viertel - The Dutch Quarter

Residents and tourists are equally fond of the Dutch Quarter, which covers an area of four city blocks with about 150 houses built of red bricks in the Dutch style: unplastered, with white seams, shuttered windows, and sometimes, sweeping gables.

This ensemble of buildings is unique in Europe. It was built in the period from 1734 to 1742 for Dutch craftsmen who were invited to come to Potsdam by King Frederick Wilhelm I, the Soldier King. Johann Boumann was the head of construction for this quarter, and a museum dedicated to his work is to be found in Mittelstraße 8. Another museum about the history of this residential quarter is in the Benkertstraße 3. Stroll through the quarter and discover the many exclusive shops, cosy coffee houses, and restaurants, which, in addition to the architecture, define the special flair of this quarter.